Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How large of a magnifying glass do you need to boil rock?

If it were 1000' diameter, 1000' in the air, would that be large enough to bore a hole in the earth?  Can a 1000' solar array generate the same amount of energy?

Monday, December 23, 2013

Physical Torture Cubes (Mobile edition)

Not everyone who has committed horrific crimes should be placed in Physical Torture Cubes.  I thought of another option today.

Kind of like a mobile version of stockades.  Bracelets or something.  If the convictee is wearing the bracelet or shirt, he/she can be physically tortured at will.  The population may take out any and all physical aggression in what every manner they choose.  Screams will likely protect them from any long term injuries.

Plus, having Physical Torture buttons available (along with remote control via your phone).  You know, similar to the Scarlet Letter, the convictee would have a number assigned and visible.  Pull up the Torture app to review the conviction record and start pressing buttons!

I imagine the convictee would be avoiding the public.  Some people deserve that.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

We live inside an organism some call God

Something to that effect was uttered by some advanced physicists as the only explanation for currently standing "paradoxes".

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How did they build the pyramids?

Flexible palm trees.  That is also why roads today frequently have planted trees down the sides or middle.

I came up with this theory when I was visiting my son Kohdee in Thailand.  We went to visit the River Kwai.  The Bridge over the River Kwai was built during WWII.  Over 100,000 slaves built and died building it.  I was staying at the officer's quarters which is a hotel now.  It is run down and inexpensive, but you can see the British and Japanese military influences throughout.  Very nice pool.

Anyhow, Kohdee and I were out on the back porch.  I was smoking a Backwoods and he was eating something with crumbs, but I cannot remember what.  There were large rocks in the landscaping that were extremely heavy and I had always wondered how they built the pyramids anyhow.  So I asked Kohdee.  He didn't know much English at that time, so did not really understand what I said.  But... maybe he did because I was looking at the rock.  I knew even a large crane would break if they attempted to lift it.  The counterweight comes to mind.  But then I saw a palm tree.

So the slaves would bounce the rocks down the road from tree to tree.  It was probably a fairly fun and rewarding job with a calamity occurring here and there, but probably nothing too serious.  I imagine the archways were some craftsmen as the bundled palm trees precisely bounced the rock into place.

Now for the bad news.  How come this information is not readily available?  Because the pharaohs killed all the slaves after they were done to keep the secret.  Why?  So the pharaohs could tell the population they were gods.

Oh yeah... some people have been having recent success with weather creation and affectation systems.  I believe the hurricane in the Philippines was one such "experiment".

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Queen Elizabeth and her security

Apparently she scolded her security for taking too many of her good cookies or something.  That indicates even the well-behaved security of the Queen is guilty of taking too many liberties.  This is bound to have a trickle down effect as now the Queen's attention is on her security.

Also, the CIA was caught lying about one of their agents.  I would not want to work for the CIA.  How many other agents have been left high and dry?  Is Burn Notice what they do with all their agents?  Why do you never hear of a retired CIA agent?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Theory of the Intersections of Magnetic Parabolas

It is my theory that all of matter can be described as "intersections of magnetic parabolas".  Someone suggested "interesections of physical parabolas", and I kind of agree, however magnetic parabolas is easier to think about.

Anyhow, viewing matter as the intersections of magnetic parabolas explains black holes as well as electrons and quarks.  What happens to the "matter" at the center of black holes?  Is it "infinitely dense" as some theories are forced to support?  Or is it a smoothing out of the competing magnetic parabolas?  Rather than posit an exit of a wormhole or something, magnetic parabolas explains without entering a new something into the equation.

Speaking of equations, it also explains infinite at both sides of the equation (going to zero and going to maximum).  There is no maximum except to the extent that a red dwarf has a maximum mass.

For more, see

FYI, E=mc2 is an interesting equation.  As all of mathematics it is an approximation of reality and not reality itself.  It is my belief that c2 approximates the intersections of magnetic parabolas, but does not accurately measure or account for all phenomena.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Eyes Wide Shut

* disturbing content, so be prepared *

All of the earth's hierarchical organizations are essentially traps.  Many were not designed to be traps, but they have become so.  Child molestors and rapists have surrounded every trustworthy place on earth and used the person, situation, or place as a trap and bait for the unwary.  Schools are traps for child molestors to peruse their prey.  Stores and malls are traps for rapists to peruse their prey.

If an attractive woman goes out in public, it is almost certain she will be followed home.  She will almost certainly be gang-raped at some point in her life as a lesson for her to understand her place as sexual servant to the rapist and child molestor.  This is pervasive and the rule, not the exception.

Frequently the President or CEO of an organization is the advertisement of safety.  This is used as a trap, because behind the scenes of EVERY safe-appearing place on earth is one or more child molesting rapists waiting for their opportunity.  Schools are traps.  Malls are traps.  Stores are traps.  Advertisements are traps.  TV is traps.  Music is traps.

In the 1940s the word for women was "broads".  Broad-casting is casting for broads.

What to do?  Realize the advertisement for the safe place is physically safe as long as you are aware that the place is designed as a trap.  So don't trust the surroundings and assume you are surrounded by child-molesting rapists.  However, they must keep up appearances and must lure you into the back rooms.  So force them to maintain their appearances.

It is a silent conspiracy.  Child molesting rapists do not want to get caught.  They collude and conspire together including killing everything in their path to maintain their position.

* disturbing content, so be prepared *

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The One Law of Power

Have you read The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene?  It's an interesting read in Machiavelli's The Prince sense, however, it can be distilled into one sentence:

"Promise the world while delivering absolute garbage."

Bait and switch.  A sole proprietor cannot get away with that, but hire a manager, or better yet, a team of officers, and you too can deliberately deliver absolute garbage and force your customers to do all the work.

While this used to work in the days of anonymity and distance due to shipping and information delivery times, I do not suggest employing that One Law of Power.

Accountability will be back in vogue soon.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Bible - the movie

Was "He" really Satan?

While reading a couple of quotes from the Book of Jeremiah, I noticed that it had contradictory language.  "He" referenced God of course, but then later, it seemed that "He" was referencing Satan.  I wonder if Satanic translators forgot a sentence or two and did not tell the reader that the new subject had switched from God to Satan.  That is a pretty easy omission to make and it looks to be deliberate.

Anyhow, I think it would make an interesting movie to simply change all the "He"s to Satan if it involves death or punishment.  Leave them as God if otherwise benevolent.  Destructive vs. Creative would be the dividing line.

Because God doesn't destroy.  God creates.

Human trafficking is wrong

Human trafficking has roots in wealthy people's trust funds and desires for planned lives and control.  Wealthy people sometimes believe they are immortal and can live within another person's body or mind.  Like a voodoo transfer or something.  Of course this is not true, but some believe it and create wills and trusts that map out every aspect of their lives.  Then lawyers make sure the instructions are followed.  Arranged friends, brides, wives, dates, etc.  All with genetic and family lines all the way back to ancient India.

Arranged dating is good for the matchmaker, not for the daters.

Please see for a description of the above and the horror of its consequences.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Trapping Discrete Particles in Fluids" - a patent application from 2009

As this was from 4 years ago, I thought it time to bring this back up.

Clean oceans
Harvest natural resources

How someone has not contacted me about investing in this is unfathomable to me.


One particle per patent.  That is orders for the physicists and chemists and engineers.

I have a business plan, including distribution and energy for delivery of the extracted resources.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Adam and Evil

While riding the subway into Manhattan this morning, I saw an advertisement from Apple about music.  The advertisement angered me.

1s and 0s is NOT music, Apple.  Music can be represented in a computer, but is not the actual music.  Digital    is false music.  The human brain is forced to fill in the music as it cannot be accurately represented in a computer.  I do not care how many 9s are placed in the between.  Just as a computer simulation is not reality, so as a digital recording is not reality.

Adam and Eve
Bit off too much of the apple
Adam and Evil
Am I a pod?

Was that a bad apple?  j/k

The Brotherhood of Badasses

Now, I did not invent this name, I was declared its King and leader by the one who did.  The Brotherhood of Badasses is a complex thing that has roots in Buddhism and monasteries.

For one, it is a loose translation into English.  The original Thai is difficult to translate into English.

Right now there are only a few levels of the Brotherhood:


The Brotherhood is one of self designation and recognition.  One MAY designate themselves as affiliated with the Brotherhood of Badasses if one wishes, however, MUST say they are only affiliated and as an acolyte only and be VERY clear about the communication.  Otherwise, there will be consequences.

An apprentice is one who has a master or teacher.  One cannot choose a teacher.  The teacher must accept one as their apprentice.

Many and most people affiliated with the Brotherhood of Badasses will never reach the state of master.  Perhaps other designations will be made at a later time, but for now there are the 3.  Plus a Grand master and the King/Leader (me).

While it is called the Brotherhood of Badasses, it is open to females as well.

I am not accepting any apprentices as my 4 year old son Kohdee is my only apprentice.  Well, his mother is also, but only through loose affiliation and not as direct.  I am open to other female apprentices, but have my hands full with Kohdee on the male side.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Crematorium

The Prince Andrew of The United States has been forced to live amongst the homeless.  I call it "The Crematorium" because across the street and around back on the corner is the Brooklyn Funeral Home with Cremation Services building.  It is across the street from a large abandoned church.

Also interesting, my adoptive father Joseph Brown III used to have light switches and radios on timers for when we were out of town.  It gave the appearance that we were still at home.  This works if you have a garage, I suppose, but if you do not have a garage, then it is blaringly obvious that we were out of town.  It really depended on who was watching.  But anyhow, there was another church about a mile away from The Crematorium that had chains on the door.  I noticed the church looked filled on Sunday, but something appeared off.  I think the same thing happened at that church, but the light bill is still being paid.  I noticed that church because 4 fire trucks showed up yesterday to a house nearby.  It seemed quite serious, but the trucks vacated quickly.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Prince Andrew of The United States

As it has been recognized that I am indeed The Prince Andrew of The United States, I think it appropriate that a press statement be issued.  So which of my subjects will do so for me?  As The Prince Andrew of The United States I shall make sure you are duly rewarded.

Also, on a more serious note, now that we in the United States of America are considered a monarchy, I have heard through the grapevine that some have or are considering declaring war on The United States of America.  That is understandable as the US' military is quite powerful and a single monarch might be deemed a dictator without sufficient knowledge of the Constitution or US' laws.  As I am not yet King, the US is still a democracy with a Constitution and Federal government (however lacking it is).  However, others might not be aware of this or might forsee the possibility of me being declared The King Andrew of The United States of America.  So, to circumvent this possibility, after the press release is issued to inform the population that The Prince Andrew of The United States is me, Andrew Bransford Brown, I highly suggest an immediate appointment to Secretary of State of The United States of America.

Also, in my wisdom I have determined there is a modification to the Federal laws and/or Constitution to make a Co-Secretary of State position with a woman as my co-officer.

I also, in my wisdom have decided on that woman.  Her name is Crissy Moran.  She used to be a porn star, but gave away all her money and quit several years ago.  A very brave woman.  I have also noticed that she is to be known as The Real Princess Crissy.

That is her formal name:  The Real Princess Crissy.

The Real Princess Crissy is a powerfully intelligent woman with extraordinary communication skills.  Her diplomacy in all interactions is supreme and superior to all humans.

If you would like to learn more about The Real Princess Crissy, please visit her on and search for RealCrissy Moran.  Or her website:

As Co-Secretaries of State, The Real Princess Crissy and I will herald an age of wisdom, knowledge, peace, and an end to hunger and poverty. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Why has the # of Geniuses/Decade been 0 since Einstein?

Did you know Freud’s daughter was a 50 year old virgin?  (some say she died a virgin)

1000’ magnifying glass vs. solar array:  Which one will boil rock?

Why do the words “no” and “know” sound alike?  (Also:  “right”, “rite”, “write”, and “wright”)

What is 5 chairs divided by 3 chairs?  8 chairs, but you’ll have to move them around to make space.

If the average IQ is 100, how does a human being exist with an IQ of 200, but none at 0?

Fi, phi, fai, pi, fire, circle.  Let us all go “fai”.

How many 9’s before certainty is reached?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

NOTICE OF INVENTION - Physical Torture Cubes (PTCs)


How many bullet-proof glass manufacturers are there in the New York City area?

Also... how many PTCs do you think the City of New York might require?  Initial guess is about 10,000.  "A few days in a PTC and they'll never do that again."

"Ah... throw 'em in a PTC for a few hours.  That'll teach 'em"

Now.  There are at least 2 settings on every PTC:
1. physical torture ON/OFF switch
2. psychological torture ON/OFF switch.

With both switches in the OFF position, the convictee is simply in an isolation chamber and cannot move.  Kubrick's 2001 movie of Dave in "heaven" comes to mind except for the mobility part.

Also, I invented and termed a new thing I call a "capillary wall" today.  I suppose it could be similar to existing technology known as an LCD display, but I designed it to be transparent or opaque or anything in between depending on the molecules within the capillary wall.  This allows filtering of light at various frequencies and I suppose could be used to display information/video/text on either side of the wall.  What will the convict placed in the PTC view while the public is watching 'True Horror Story'?  I do not know.  Perhaps the public will have a channel changer.

Oh yeah... I forgot.. in addition to the new game "Trivial Pursuit - Infant Boomer Edition" that I invented a few years ago, I came up with a new version called "Trivial Pursuit - Military Holocaust Edition".  That does need to include a parental warning as the terminology used can be quite graphic.  An example question might be:  "What was the Kill to Pussy ratio for the 72nd Armored Division in 2008?"  (Kill to Pussy ratio) is defined as the average number of kills for the group designated with the number of unique penile insertions.)  Another definition might be the Impregnation ratio.  Lots of analysis.

Letter to President Obama - Physical Torture Cubes

This was originally posted on (NEW SITE is and moved here today (10/20/2013).  Since yesterday, I added a new part to the Times Square version of the public/physical torture cube:
- the original letter applies to the male
- a female "partner in crime" cube opposite
- both naked
- only see each other once/year
- punishment occurs upon decision of vote (eg. even if 100% voted opposite, the verdict is inevitable)
- female "partner in crime" sees punishment occur.  her identical punishment is inflicted on New Year's Eve at the stroke of midnight.  IE.  one week, plus some time until the New Year to see and watch.
- both cubes descend back into the ground at that time.  Both are freely open to the public 24/7.  No downtime.

"Letter to President Obama - Physical Torture Cubes"

Is there a government contractor that can help me build this?  As a forward thinking person, I have an idea that will likely have LOTS of need to manufacture.  I do not know when I came up with this invention, but I think it was about a year ago.  Similar to stockades of the past... I present the:

The Physical Torture Cube
See through.
Chair in the center (semi-reclining).
No doors.  Totally sealed.
Person (convictee) inside.
Tube down their throat.
Tubes for feces and urine evacuation.
They will not be allowed out until their sentence is over.

Conviction records (with video re-enactments and directions for evidence verifications).  Some verifications might include free airfare.
No guard or warden.
Alcohol served freely.
Buttons to push to both psychologically and physically torture the convict.

A few of us were talking about the Times Square version this morning:

Imagine it is Christmas X-mas Eve in NYC...  The cube rises once a year at the break of dawn.  A crowd gathers.  The 4 walls each play a different part of the story.  A cartoon on one side for the kids.  A video re-enactment on another.  A text version for detail on the opposite side.  And finally, on the opposite of the cartoon version will be the movie "True Horror Story".  The movie is half written.  It is a story from 2011-2012 about Andrew Bransford Brown and a girl living in Lakeland, Florida named Jessica (a Hooter's girl).  It is a timeless classic.  No matter how bad your year, it will be watched again and again.  Now.  The first half is absolutely true.  We will have to get a few witnesses from Lakeland to verify the dialogue, but my memory is pretty good.  The second half is not yet written, but is basically Jessie running around Lakeland and Tampa cutting up grandmas and infants and males in various locales.  Very busy as the bodies decompose and she needs to dispose of them without getting caught.  That is basically it, but I need to talk with Jessie for details.  Back to Times Square NYC X-mas Eve.  After the movie the whole world gets to vote.  Release the prisoner?  Buttons are pressed in silence.  The votes are tallied (with complete audation (auditing word), will the cube be dissolved?  OR... as it happens most years...  the inmate is de-skinned before our very eyes.  Like Stephen King's novel and movie Carrie except with his/her living blood.  Cover your eyes on this one.  The cube descends until next year.  Of course you can visit.  Any time.  Spiral staircase and walk right in.  You can even spray the de-skinned convict with stinging spray.  All day and night if you like.

Anyhow, what contractor has the bullet-proof glass stuff?  Also, will need some ergonomic chairs and some colic experts for the electrocutions (keeps their muscle tone).

Hmm... well that's the future.  Not too far away now....   Need to start thinking about manufacturing those. 
There are 100,000 Treasury employees.  How many Federal employees (Title 26 Definition) are there and can civil guilt be used as criminal evidence?  I believe so.

Please see (NEW SITE is and moved here today (10/20/2013) for the precedent.  It might assist you in your defense.

Andrew Bransford Brown
917 653 7781
 Current location:  Mid-Manhattan Libarary.
Likely next location:  50th & 7th Avenue eating a danish with my food stamps.
After that:  Likely wandering around Central Park.
Alternatively, we could get my news on television and allow me cash in this shithole you are responsible for Mr. Commander in Chief.

Some legal advice:
- last time Congress declared war:  WWII
- War Powers Act (60 days).  9/11/2001 + 60 - declaration of war by Congress = all murders.

As Commander in Chief, you are guilty of all military kills since.  I suggest locating legal counsel.

PS 2.  Fiduciary obligation is sueable.  Press has obligation to tell truth.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

ABB vs. NYC Bar Association

Allegations of sex-trafficking and conveying human beings as property were not refuted by the Defendants.

Summary:  Common-law suit of an association/organization with personal liability on the line due to fiduciary obligation of the organization's reputation.  $100 million judgment awarded to Plaintiff.  No counter suit.

Andrew Bransford Brown VS. The Association of the Bar of the City of New York

For more, see