Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Eyes Wide Shut

* disturbing content, so be prepared *

All of the earth's hierarchical organizations are essentially traps.  Many were not designed to be traps, but they have become so.  Child molestors and rapists have surrounded every trustworthy place on earth and used the person, situation, or place as a trap and bait for the unwary.  Schools are traps for child molestors to peruse their prey.  Stores and malls are traps for rapists to peruse their prey.

If an attractive woman goes out in public, it is almost certain she will be followed home.  She will almost certainly be gang-raped at some point in her life as a lesson for her to understand her place as sexual servant to the rapist and child molestor.  This is pervasive and the rule, not the exception.

Frequently the President or CEO of an organization is the advertisement of safety.  This is used as a trap, because behind the scenes of EVERY safe-appearing place on earth is one or more child molesting rapists waiting for their opportunity.  Schools are traps.  Malls are traps.  Stores are traps.  Advertisements are traps.  TV is traps.  Music is traps.

In the 1940s the word for women was "broads".  Broad-casting is casting for broads.

What to do?  Realize the advertisement for the safe place is physically safe as long as you are aware that the place is designed as a trap.  So don't trust the surroundings and assume you are surrounded by child-molesting rapists.  However, they must keep up appearances and must lure you into the back rooms.  So force them to maintain their appearances.

It is a silent conspiracy.  Child molesting rapists do not want to get caught.  They collude and conspire together including killing everything in their path to maintain their position.

* disturbing content, so be prepared *


  1. I give you something in return one of there well kept hidden secrets;

    ""The Earth ressonance is in the note of B....Check this out, this is what they train illuminati members in the beginning Svali Illuminati Defector RARE Interview Pt.5; set it at 3:55 & then freeze it when the wheel comes up. Why is this necessary in rainbow children & world leaders??? Why??? because you dont know, & thats the way they like to keep it. If you dont realize that human consciousness is aligned with the Note of B, then you will never be aligned. Tesla's reading was accurate. The ressonance is infact 7.7hz (B). No other note comes into alignment with the planet and multiple states of consciousness. So it is a simple lie when you look at physics & the color scale. & realize that the B is the highest vibrating color & not the C. So C is low infrared where it starts all over again. & B is in the ultraviolet. Science lied to us.
    This is the REAL color chart. Humanity has been LIED to. And for what?? to hide us from natural frequencies??? Well here it is.....

    This is the answer... Its in the vibration of color....If you put a red pepper next to a bunch of green, the higher light spectrum vibration starts to transform its surroundings. As all vibrates, so do you. You determine this color... You can close your eyes & you can fill your mind screen easy with this color. It is you....You create this light from darkness. & you represent this frequency through sound & light waves. These waves effect all that surrounds you.

    So all music is in representation of C common, how this is in relation to whether its an F or F# i plan to delve deeper into. But the simple fact is, we are being missaligned on a daily basis, because we hear it in all music, Yet here's a funny one... Ska music loves the key of B. In simple representation of music theory, which i have been schooled in master theory. would represent the C as the lowest vibration, as B would be the final & highest vibration, broken down in octave ranges & representation of 12 notes...hmmm . 12 months.. 12 major colors on the color wheel..... 12 chakra points.... Its triplets in a 4 beat measure. So why would THEY want us to be at the Lowest frequency, when human consciousness is at the highest. Are they scared we may get a skip in our step?? or we are suppose to crawl on all fours?? so it is like a gallop of a horse. The human conscious triple beat.

    As we dream, Our subconscious dances around in a myriad of lights & vibration. Some of us chase after our subconscious as it yet again runs down the rabbit hole. We must come to the point where we shake hands & then dissolve into one. This is the trasnsformation which grants you full collaboration to the SELF. Once you realize you are one, the rewards are profound & awareness takes on a new reality into the personal journey. You will wake into your dreams & take a deeper path into your mind. Once you shake hands, you must come to terms with this awakening. It could take 10 years from the point you merged. This is the struggle into your physical programming. Healing takes time.

    If you have a water structure frequency generator, try this one for tuning yourself. Its in htz = 3.858(R) 7.7175(L) / 61.6(R) 123.27(L) The (R/L) is stereo channel. This arrangement emphasizes a harmonic ressonance outlining 3.858(delta-theta) & 61.6(gamma) while introducing the earth ressonance(7.7175) & water crystal(123.27) as a forground. Brought to you by the musical note of B...

  2. I find that the indigo dodecahedron(conscious) & orange icosahedron(primal) hold a balance of completeness. this is in representation of the merge that takes place in the green tetrahedron. as our consciousness expands into awareness. we awaken into a duality we must learn to align. These are also markers of high electromagnetic fields on Earth when dodeca & icosa become the one. Churches & monoliths occupy these Ley Lines.

    Everyday we must use AlphaTheta to reflect from within. This daily suppliment dose must be administered Via TV turned OFF. If we go home & turn our TV's on... We dont talk to our kids/wife/self.. A reflective thought for the day? Let us dream for the world, Lets dream a better self... Here is a selfless act : before you go to bed think about palastine & there freedom. And when you dream, dream of a Better world maybe similar to ours & see an honest candidate that will embody human rights guiding palastine or whatever place to a new world.

    Turkey, anti- oxydants, COPPER = access to the dream world. If you want to face your duality & merge as one with your inner self, if you wish to work on opening the 3rd eye, If you are an avid lucid dreamer. If you dont wish to be compartmentalized thru government indoctrination. Then dont listen to these peer reviewed studies put out by the establishment. TAKE YOUR COPPER & AWAKE! You cant trust the lies the system has placed in front of you when they are clearly WRONG about copper reducing dream recall. COPPER increases dream recall. Scientists & doctors with very expensive PH D's do not indicate a capacity of critical thinking or intuitive perception, they are just good at memorizing a bunch of lies. The college degree holds no credibility in my mind, when we dont question the Census.

    Small shifts in time. These manifestations of the awakened have shifted reality into full speed. These events have spun the future out of control. A small handful of candidates with an inherent subconscious conection are actually changing reality. The eye of the precog see's a world predetermined as the big bang has exploded & colapsed on itself thousands of times... But now a change has shifted our frequency, very small gestures of time/space awareness has altered a turn of events. As this vibration increases, manifestation takes on a global effect.. The cries for change are finally being heard on a global consciousness. We may be in this very moment of flux where humanity must make that choice. Now there is no turning back as we predetermine a brand new destiny. The Elite have the best Psionics & know this through telepathic alien communications. Now you must leave your footprint in time. Be Known.

    Even now, i cant fall asleep on my back. Everytime the Pandoras box will not let me see inside, Terror springs out of the dark box & plays on my conscious wakefullness. I can only tell people of my strange anomoly as i think very few become conscious while asleep. But there is rewards when you gain control, as you should never allow yourself full control all of the time. it could be dangerous as you could be trapped between both worlds. But if you moderate, you can open any door, & even someday deep hidden trauma from your past. We must continue to brave the Pandora. Good luck to all who are awake."

    (Save it in a text as it might come in handy, the above is from an awakend EYE Subconciouss + Unconciouss + Conciouss Mind; ( gathered from him )"

    Take Care,

    Rick Berg

  3. I don't think those places are traps, but individuals within the institutions can trap . Some tv channels are good, but some people can have a hole in their heart they try to fill only God can with things, sex, mind-altering substances, food, tv shows or being informed-- and lots of it. It's good for vulnerable people to have someone know where they are and have a phone.

    Lone wolves and those pushing for deinstitutionalization of churches and secular organizations can also be traps. Consciously or not, they probably want an institution of their own with followers based on their philosophy and will indirectly convince non-conformists to join them by being a charismatic source of an alternative to the establishment while their students think they are being informed and independent.