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Letter to President Obama - Physical Torture Cubes

This was originally posted on (NEW SITE is and moved here today (10/20/2013).  Since yesterday, I added a new part to the Times Square version of the public/physical torture cube:
- the original letter applies to the male
- a female "partner in crime" cube opposite
- both naked
- only see each other once/year
- punishment occurs upon decision of vote (eg. even if 100% voted opposite, the verdict is inevitable)
- female "partner in crime" sees punishment occur.  her identical punishment is inflicted on New Year's Eve at the stroke of midnight.  IE.  one week, plus some time until the New Year to see and watch.
- both cubes descend back into the ground at that time.  Both are freely open to the public 24/7.  No downtime.

"Letter to President Obama - Physical Torture Cubes"

Is there a government contractor that can help me build this?  As a forward thinking person, I have an idea that will likely have LOTS of need to manufacture.  I do not know when I came up with this invention, but I think it was about a year ago.  Similar to stockades of the past... I present the:

The Physical Torture Cube
See through.
Chair in the center (semi-reclining).
No doors.  Totally sealed.
Person (convictee) inside.
Tube down their throat.
Tubes for feces and urine evacuation.
They will not be allowed out until their sentence is over.

Conviction records (with video re-enactments and directions for evidence verifications).  Some verifications might include free airfare.
No guard or warden.
Alcohol served freely.
Buttons to push to both psychologically and physically torture the convict.

A few of us were talking about the Times Square version this morning:

Imagine it is Christmas X-mas Eve in NYC...  The cube rises once a year at the break of dawn.  A crowd gathers.  The 4 walls each play a different part of the story.  A cartoon on one side for the kids.  A video re-enactment on another.  A text version for detail on the opposite side.  And finally, on the opposite of the cartoon version will be the movie "True Horror Story".  The movie is half written.  It is a story from 2011-2012 about Andrew Bransford Brown and a girl living in Lakeland, Florida named Jessica (a Hooter's girl).  It is a timeless classic.  No matter how bad your year, it will be watched again and again.  Now.  The first half is absolutely true.  We will have to get a few witnesses from Lakeland to verify the dialogue, but my memory is pretty good.  The second half is not yet written, but is basically Jessie running around Lakeland and Tampa cutting up grandmas and infants and males in various locales.  Very busy as the bodies decompose and she needs to dispose of them without getting caught.  That is basically it, but I need to talk with Jessie for details.  Back to Times Square NYC X-mas Eve.  After the movie the whole world gets to vote.  Release the prisoner?  Buttons are pressed in silence.  The votes are tallied (with complete audation (auditing word), will the cube be dissolved?  OR... as it happens most years...  the inmate is de-skinned before our very eyes.  Like Stephen King's novel and movie Carrie except with his/her living blood.  Cover your eyes on this one.  The cube descends until next year.  Of course you can visit.  Any time.  Spiral staircase and walk right in.  You can even spray the de-skinned convict with stinging spray.  All day and night if you like.

Anyhow, what contractor has the bullet-proof glass stuff?  Also, will need some ergonomic chairs and some colic experts for the electrocutions (keeps their muscle tone).

Hmm... well that's the future.  Not too far away now....   Need to start thinking about manufacturing those. 
There are 100,000 Treasury employees.  How many Federal employees (Title 26 Definition) are there and can civil guilt be used as criminal evidence?  I believe so.

Please see (NEW SITE is and moved here today (10/20/2013) for the precedent.  It might assist you in your defense.

Andrew Bransford Brown
917 653 7781
 Current location:  Mid-Manhattan Libarary.
Likely next location:  50th & 7th Avenue eating a danish with my food stamps.
After that:  Likely wandering around Central Park.
Alternatively, we could get my news on television and allow me cash in this shithole you are responsible for Mr. Commander in Chief.

Some legal advice:
- last time Congress declared war:  WWII
- War Powers Act (60 days).  9/11/2001 + 60 - declaration of war by Congress = all murders.

As Commander in Chief, you are guilty of all military kills since.  I suggest locating legal counsel.

PS 2.  Fiduciary obligation is sueable.  Press has obligation to tell truth.

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