Sunday, October 20, 2013

NOTICE OF INVENTION - Physical Torture Cubes (PTCs)


How many bullet-proof glass manufacturers are there in the New York City area?

Also... how many PTCs do you think the City of New York might require?  Initial guess is about 10,000.  "A few days in a PTC and they'll never do that again."

"Ah... throw 'em in a PTC for a few hours.  That'll teach 'em"

Now.  There are at least 2 settings on every PTC:
1. physical torture ON/OFF switch
2. psychological torture ON/OFF switch.

With both switches in the OFF position, the convictee is simply in an isolation chamber and cannot move.  Kubrick's 2001 movie of Dave in "heaven" comes to mind except for the mobility part.

Also, I invented and termed a new thing I call a "capillary wall" today.  I suppose it could be similar to existing technology known as an LCD display, but I designed it to be transparent or opaque or anything in between depending on the molecules within the capillary wall.  This allows filtering of light at various frequencies and I suppose could be used to display information/video/text on either side of the wall.  What will the convict placed in the PTC view while the public is watching 'True Horror Story'?  I do not know.  Perhaps the public will have a channel changer.

Oh yeah... I forgot.. in addition to the new game "Trivial Pursuit - Infant Boomer Edition" that I invented a few years ago, I came up with a new version called "Trivial Pursuit - Military Holocaust Edition".  That does need to include a parental warning as the terminology used can be quite graphic.  An example question might be:  "What was the Kill to Pussy ratio for the 72nd Armored Division in 2008?"  (Kill to Pussy ratio) is defined as the average number of kills for the group designated with the number of unique penile insertions.)  Another definition might be the Impregnation ratio.  Lots of analysis.

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