Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Prince Andrew of The United States

As it has been recognized that I am indeed The Prince Andrew of The United States, I think it appropriate that a press statement be issued.  So which of my subjects will do so for me?  As The Prince Andrew of The United States I shall make sure you are duly rewarded.

Also, on a more serious note, now that we in the United States of America are considered a monarchy, I have heard through the grapevine that some have or are considering declaring war on The United States of America.  That is understandable as the US' military is quite powerful and a single monarch might be deemed a dictator without sufficient knowledge of the Constitution or US' laws.  As I am not yet King, the US is still a democracy with a Constitution and Federal government (however lacking it is).  However, others might not be aware of this or might forsee the possibility of me being declared The King Andrew of The United States of America.  So, to circumvent this possibility, after the press release is issued to inform the population that The Prince Andrew of The United States is me, Andrew Bransford Brown, I highly suggest an immediate appointment to Secretary of State of The United States of America.

Also, in my wisdom I have determined there is a modification to the Federal laws and/or Constitution to make a Co-Secretary of State position with a woman as my co-officer.

I also, in my wisdom have decided on that woman.  Her name is Crissy Moran.  She used to be a porn star, but gave away all her money and quit several years ago.  A very brave woman.  I have also noticed that she is to be known as The Real Princess Crissy.

That is her formal name:  The Real Princess Crissy.

The Real Princess Crissy is a powerfully intelligent woman with extraordinary communication skills.  Her diplomacy in all interactions is supreme and superior to all humans.

If you would like to learn more about The Real Princess Crissy, please visit her on and search for RealCrissy Moran.  Or her website:

As Co-Secretaries of State, The Real Princess Crissy and I will herald an age of wisdom, knowledge, peace, and an end to hunger and poverty. 

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