Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Bible - the movie

Was "He" really Satan?

While reading a couple of quotes from the Book of Jeremiah, I noticed that it had contradictory language.  "He" referenced God of course, but then later, it seemed that "He" was referencing Satan.  I wonder if Satanic translators forgot a sentence or two and did not tell the reader that the new subject had switched from God to Satan.  That is a pretty easy omission to make and it looks to be deliberate.

Anyhow, I think it would make an interesting movie to simply change all the "He"s to Satan if it involves death or punishment.  Leave them as God if otherwise benevolent.  Destructive vs. Creative would be the dividing line.

Because God doesn't destroy.  God creates.

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  1. I recently heard of God leaving those who decide to sin to a reprobate mind (and Satan's inspirations), because those ones run Him (God) off by their choosing their way, but is there if they repent, leave evil lifestyles and want to change and leaves them with their respective guardian angel to "talk" sense to them.