Saturday, November 2, 2013

Why has the # of Geniuses/Decade been 0 since Einstein?

Did you know Freud’s daughter was a 50 year old virgin?  (some say she died a virgin)

1000’ magnifying glass vs. solar array:  Which one will boil rock?

Why do the words “no” and “know” sound alike?  (Also:  “right”, “rite”, “write”, and “wright”)

What is 5 chairs divided by 3 chairs?  8 chairs, but you’ll have to move them around to make space.

If the average IQ is 100, how does a human being exist with an IQ of 200, but none at 0?

Fi, phi, fai, pi, fire, circle.  Let us all go “fai”.

How many 9’s before certainty is reached?

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