Friday, January 31, 2014

The All-Seeing Eye and the Illuminati explained

The all-seeing eye is a human being descended from ancient kings and queens since before ancient Egypt.  The inheritance was enormous.  Wealth beyond imagination.

Over several thousand years, that family line was kept to a single living male.  Father was killed upon birth of a son.  The Illuminati is a band a thieves who maintain the secret.

The Illuminati are insane.  They believe themselves to be immortal and believe in a hodge-podge of Satan-like religions.

The All-Seeing Eye is a human.  A good one.  Benevolent and wise.  Held in poverty and obscurity by the Illuminati thieves.

Why do they keep him alive?  The Illuminati are not all that intelligent, or educated, so use the All-Seeing Eye's education, wisdom, and intelligence to present themselves as such.  Essentially impersonating.  Others see them as wise and powerful.  They are charlatan thieves.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The United States is a Constitutional Monarchy with the military in the monarch position

By definition, the Executive branch executes orders.  Whose orders?

Not the population.
Not the Congress.
Not the Supreme Court.

Answer is the military.

The Constitution was designed by people accustomed to the English monarchy.  Whether subconsciously or consciously, it pre-supposed a monarch to deliver the orders.  The military (and in some respects lawyers) have assumed this role in the United States.

As the military has strong similarities to a dictatorship, some in the military are actively pursuing the goal of declaring a military dictatorship in the United States.