Thursday, October 22, 2009

Female language patterns

Female language is based on the double entendre and is an atrocious use of language that impedes communication. The language stems from early sexual abuse and trauma. The entendre is created through combining the normal definition of the words with a subjective phonetic interpretation that is almost always sexual and usually very ugly. For example, the phrase: "You've gotta be kidding". When women say that phrase, they also mean: "You've got two? Dinging the kid" OR "You've got TA? Ding the kid". The latter phrase is a subconscious cry for help and simultaneously reinforces the child molestation they received as a child.

Solving emotional trauma

Emotional trauma creates feelings of "worthless" and "special" which are frequently perpetuated throughout a person's life. In the case of adoption trauma: "Worthless" stems from the mother's rejection and "specialness" stems from the adoptive family choosing to adopt the child. Regardless of source, the emotional trauma creates a lifetime pattern that oscillates between "worthless" and "special" and usually goes unrecognized.

Umbilical cord cut, punched in the gut.  You never figured out what you did wrong, and never wanted to be wrong again.

In some cases, the umbilical cord cut is further exacerbated by a rape that occurs on their newborn day.  This is either a penis inserted into the infant's mouth or a mother who places the infant on her clitoris before breastfeeding (associating sex with food). While this occurs frequently with non-adoptees, it aggravates the adoptive trauma and reinforces the oscillating behavior towards feeling worthless/special. Unless recognized consciously, this will create a repetitive subconscious behavioral pattern that continues through all of life.

As an adoptee, I discovered my trauma and found a solution that applies to all forms of emotional trauma, described here: