Thursday, November 21, 2013

Adam and Evil

While riding the subway into Manhattan this morning, I saw an advertisement from Apple about music.  The advertisement angered me.

1s and 0s is NOT music, Apple.  Music can be represented in a computer, but is not the actual music.  Digital    is false music.  The human brain is forced to fill in the music as it cannot be accurately represented in a computer.  I do not care how many 9s are placed in the between.  Just as a computer simulation is not reality, so as a digital recording is not reality.

Adam and Eve
Bit off too much of the apple
Adam and Evil
Am I a pod?

Was that a bad apple?  j/k

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  1. If you mean that everything is not founded upon 1s and 0s and math, but represented in the computer age by them, I agree.