Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Brotherhood of Badasses

Now, I did not invent this name, I was declared its King and leader by the one who did.  The Brotherhood of Badasses is a complex thing that has roots in Buddhism and monasteries.

For one, it is a loose translation into English.  The original Thai is difficult to translate into English.

Right now there are only a few levels of the Brotherhood:


The Brotherhood is one of self designation and recognition.  One MAY designate themselves as affiliated with the Brotherhood of Badasses if one wishes, however, MUST say they are only affiliated and as an acolyte only and be VERY clear about the communication.  Otherwise, there will be consequences.

An apprentice is one who has a master or teacher.  One cannot choose a teacher.  The teacher must accept one as their apprentice.

Many and most people affiliated with the Brotherhood of Badasses will never reach the state of master.  Perhaps other designations will be made at a later time, but for now there are the 3.  Plus a Grand master and the King/Leader (me).

While it is called the Brotherhood of Badasses, it is open to females as well.

I am not accepting any apprentices as my 4 year old son Kohdee is my only apprentice.  Well, his mother is also, but only through loose affiliation and not as direct.  I am open to other female apprentices, but have my hands full with Kohdee on the male side.

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