Monday, July 27, 2009


Many of the problems we face today can be traced to the anonymity and irresponsibility allowed through corporate entities. By design, corporations have no accountability to those behind the scenes. I'd like to create a new legal entity with full accountability and visibility to the living beings behind them. Forcing them to be accountable. Accountorations? I'll think about a good name. Once that simple entity is defined, all existing corporations would be dissolved and all corporate law would become obsolete. Those hiding behind the anonymity and non-liability of corporations would have to find another way to make a living (government, wall street, central banking, etc).

If people have no liability for their actions people will tend towards taking excessive risk.

Picture of a ghost at my condo in Bangkok

Her name is Nong Nok.

Patenting one's life

I asked my patent lawyer about patenting my life. I wonder if that's possible. Isn't a patent granted to the first person who has an idea and registers it publicly? Isn't this blog a public place? So until we have a registration service for patentable ideas, can't this suffice?

We are a bit undecided about how to go about doing that (where, who, how, etc), so for now, I will unequivocally state that I own the patent on patenting one's life. Furthermore I patented my entire life and all ideas belong to me. So anyone wishing to build a perpetual energy machine based on my principles must ask me for permission. This applies to ALL my ideas like forming human relationships based on human dynamics (molecular biological principles), or the global monetary system, etc.

Keep in mind I'm one man with rather simple needs, so permission will likely be granted as long as you are using the idea in a beneficial way. That is not tacit approval, however. Formal permission is required.

Perpetual Energy Machine (effectively)

Before you jump all over me for asserting the idea of perpetual energy, this is a 4.5 billion year energy machine that I think might also be perpetual. As long as the earth and sun remain intact, this idea will work for sure. So... if we have all arguments out of the way, here is the idea a 10 year old can understand (note it could be a smaller scale, but let's go big):

I want to pull ocean water up the hill over the continental divide between LA/San Diego and Phoenix. Once it crests the hill, gravity provides more than sufficient energy to power cities, desalinate water, and turn desert into farm land. So... how to get that ocean water over the hill?

First, the wind farm at the top of the hill on I-10 is sufficient. 4.5 billion year energy machine is proven.

BUT. I have a more interesting idea:

I will bet you that the laws of thermodynamics can push water up a hill. If we were to paint the pipe different colors (start with black/white), the pipe and water contained within would expand and contract from the heat of the sun. This creates energy that would push on the body of fluid and with some good engineering, different shaped pipes, intelligently painted sections, and some reservoirs to provide a holding tank, we could push water up the hill just using the heat from the sun expanding water. Wouldn't be simple, but wouldn't be all that difficult either.

Solar power using paint and pipe only. I am 100% certain it would work. Once the water is at the top of the hill and over the continental divide? Effectively perpetual energy. Free water. Free energy. For 4.5 billion years.


1000' diameter solar array VS. 1000' diameter magnifying glass?  Which one will boil rock?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trapping particles in moving fluids

My patent was filed today (July 22, 2009). The invention is designed to trap individual particles such as atoms, molecules, bacterium, viruses, etc. It targets specific particles and allows the rest to flow by undisturbed. Works for desalination and water mining. It will definitely be useful when nanotechnology gets going and would work on my San Diego->Phoenix->Gulf of Mexico water park idea.

The basic idea is similar to children's wooden blocks: the child places the shapes in the appropriate hole: circle, square, triangle, star, etc. Since each molecule/particle has a specific shape and responds to electromagnetic frequencies in specific ways, a box can be built to capture specific particles. Simple, but would work without disturbing the other particles in the water/blood/fluid flow.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Seceding Arizona from the United States of America

I had this idea yesterday that Arizona should secede from the US effective immediately. (This also works for all states, but AZ is well positioned.)

I realize this is a staggering idea to some, but please think for a moment.

Pros: every person would receive an instant 35-45% pay raise. (income taxes, social security/medicare including the employer paid portion).
Cons: we wouldn't receive highway funding

All that would be required is convincing 90 legislators to do a temporary seccession for 1 year. Within days, people would see the dramatic increase in their paychecks and the legislators would be lauded as heroes; guaranteeing their re-election.

Now, this does leave out the service industry and those who work for tips. Since business owners would be receiving at least that amount as a pay raise too (not paying income taxes, etc.), this would instantly free up capital to allow for generous pay raises for employees who rely on tips. I also recommend posting signs prominently saying something like, "We care about our employees and pay them well. Please do not tip." Signed, the managers name. Brings a whole new meaning to complimenting the employees and taking suggestions.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Business & military security

Hidden Desktop would work as military encryption as well as secure communications between corporations. HD allows the creation of tiered security with full visibility into the back doors. For example, a boss might hold the keys to the employee's computer and data, but the boss could not access it without going through a formal and fully visible process. That process could be as elaborate as submarine nuclear launch instructions. This implicity communicates trust to the employee and transforms the boss/employee relationship. Imagine the change in management at corporations with the boss not being a policeman on their employees and rather looking at their work product. It also protects intellectual property of the employees and helps prevent others from taking credit for ideas that originated elsewhere. This could get into huge consulting gigs for MBAs. The technical difficulties with the above are trivial. A couple of good programmers and network people (I have some people in mind) and we would have a corporate transformative management system. Plus the military application of the above. I'd like to sell it to all governments and corporations (as well as individuals).
(I originated the idea, designed and developed the product, and am beginning to market it. I also want to put it on cameras and cell phones.)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Global solution for money

EDIT  11/4/2013:  The original formula was:

(Trust + Performance) * Communication = Accountability

That applied to monetary science.  At some point, Trust became an assumption that led to the following formula as a formula for human potential and behavior and "self-help".  Unfortunately, some like to test things to failure and tested the above formula.  IE.  broke trust, faked performance, and broke communication.  That led to horrifying results.  Satanic.  Some have said the above was used to prove that we live in an organism called God.

Communication * Performance
_______________________ = Trust

The above equation includes the idea of the individual and conscious choice as well as time's linearity. It describes the interaction of two or more individuals. In reference to money, the equation can be stated as: "Communication of performance over time is trust". Although trust is not the only solution to the equation. The success or recognition of the individual is defined by the communication of their performance over time.

See my other blog for more information on this:

Edited 4/24/2010:
The original idea was hashed out on an external website, but the entire website was deleted. Here is a copy of the thread when I worked on the problem:
Ripple; decentralized credit Page 1
Ripple; decentralized credit Page 2

There were 5 pages, but the last 3 were deleted on the original site before I had a chance to back up the threads.