Monday, December 23, 2013

Physical Torture Cubes (Mobile edition)

Not everyone who has committed horrific crimes should be placed in Physical Torture Cubes.  I thought of another option today.

Kind of like a mobile version of stockades.  Bracelets or something.  If the convictee is wearing the bracelet or shirt, he/she can be physically tortured at will.  The population may take out any and all physical aggression in what every manner they choose.  Screams will likely protect them from any long term injuries.

Plus, having Physical Torture buttons available (along with remote control via your phone).  You know, similar to the Scarlet Letter, the convictee would have a number assigned and visible.  Pull up the Torture app to review the conviction record and start pressing buttons!

I imagine the convictee would be avoiding the public.  Some people deserve that.

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