Friday, November 25, 2016


This morning I named a new group of "elite", I call the "Forevers".

Who are the Forevers?  It's a Millennial type of term, with a similar understanding to "Universals" (universal basic income).  The "Forevers" are those who chose to perpetuate their behavior and will be incarcerated in Physical Torture Cubes forever.  Dead or alive.  No hope for parole.

The Forevers will be placed on rocks outside Jupiter's orbit, to prevent the Sun's nova from damaging their Physical Torture Cubes.

Forevers are useful for experimentation as well.  Life extension into forever.

Monday, November 7, 2016

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Friday, October 14, 2016

True Life Stories(tm) starts with Trials of Satan reality TV

Trials of Satan:

Confess your life's crimes on TV with a Physical Torture Cube (PTC) as the only punishment.

Incarcerated or exonerated???

PTC's are the modern form of stockades.  If exonerated, records are sealed.

A potential True Life Story(tm) or Stories:

Anna-Nicole Smith and her dead 10 year old son, Danny, would make an interesting True Life Story(tm). Her Majesty's coroner described Danny's death as "unnatural".  Anna-Nicole Smith died in 2007 of an apparent overdose in a hotel.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

How to become rich and famous

Tell the prosecuting attorney that you will confess all your crimes over your life, with the contingency that the trial be held on television called "Trials of Satan" and the only punishment will be a "Physical Torture Cube".

If you're innocent, wait until you're on TV and say, "I have not committed any crimes in my life."  Speeding could be the crime you confess.  Include all crimes going back to childhood. Exonerated or Incarcerated?  Or entirely Innocent?

I did this on 9/12/16 at the Florida State Attorney's office.

Start a trend.  Please forward around.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Legislation to retire the national debt (and re-build the economy)

I am trying to get legislation through Congress and the Texas legislature that will take control over how the debt is exchanged for other assets and turn the national debt into a spendable asset:

For example, Social Security can turn in some of their bonds to the Treasury, and a cross-jurisdictional committee would swap those bonds for other assets, such as a Texas Stock Market.  Wall Street does this every day, and they call it a debt-to-equity swap or debt/asset swap.  Rather than that happening behind the scenes, the committee directs those assets for the benefit of the local economy or infrastructure.

This would bring about $200 billion to each State for economic and infrastructure development, probably close to a $1 trillion in Texas due to population size, with no new taxes.  The debt would be retired as it was swapped for other assets, so the tax revenue would no longer be the income stream supporting the debt, and it could be paid back more rapidly and directly to the debt owners.

Please contact me for more details.

My background:  
I have a degree in Accounting from UT Austin, REO tax management at Bank One, wholesale mortgage lending including packaging loans for sale to Wall Street, Executive VP software recruiting firm, managed IT department for a Medicaid health plan in Arizona, Series 7, 10 years of trading, architect at Morgan Stanley.

More on the Robin Hood legislation #robinhood:

Sunday, January 24, 2016

What are the Illuminati guilty of?

They "Prince and the Pauper"'d God's son's offspring and systematically killed all the witnesses.

If you don't know Prince and the Pauper, they switched them at birth and put human/Satan in Jesus' position, and Jesus in Satan's prison.  With Jesus stuck in prison (hell), Satan ruled and pretended to be earth's savior.  Remember that Satan used to be an angel, and knows how to behave and appear as such.

FYI, the above is partly metaphorical.  I am talking about actual people with genetic lineages to royalty.  There is a bad side of royalty (Satan) and a good side (Jesus was one, Buddha was another).