Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How did they build the pyramids?

Flexible palm trees.  That is also why roads today frequently have planted trees down the sides or middle.

I came up with this theory when I was visiting my son Kohdee in Thailand.  We went to visit the River Kwai.  The Bridge over the River Kwai was built during WWII.  Over 100,000 slaves built and died building it.  I was staying at the officer's quarters which is a hotel now.  It is run down and inexpensive, but you can see the British and Japanese military influences throughout.  Very nice pool.

Anyhow, Kohdee and I were out on the back porch.  I was smoking a Backwoods and he was eating something with crumbs, but I cannot remember what.  There were large rocks in the landscaping that were extremely heavy and I had always wondered how they built the pyramids anyhow.  So I asked Kohdee.  He didn't know much English at that time, so did not really understand what I said.  But... maybe he did because I was looking at the rock.  I knew even a large crane would break if they attempted to lift it.  The counterweight comes to mind.  But then I saw a palm tree.

So the slaves would bounce the rocks down the road from tree to tree.  It was probably a fairly fun and rewarding job with a calamity occurring here and there, but probably nothing too serious.  I imagine the archways were some craftsmen as the bundled palm trees precisely bounced the rock into place.

Now for the bad news.  How come this information is not readily available?  Because the pharaohs killed all the slaves after they were done to keep the secret.  Why?  So the pharaohs could tell the population they were gods.

Oh yeah... some people have been having recent success with weather creation and affectation systems.  I believe the hurricane in the Philippines was one such "experiment".

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