Monday, November 18, 2013

The Crematorium

The Prince Andrew of The United States has been forced to live amongst the homeless.  I call it "The Crematorium" because across the street and around back on the corner is the Brooklyn Funeral Home with Cremation Services building.  It is across the street from a large abandoned church.

Also interesting, my adoptive father Joseph Brown III used to have light switches and radios on timers for when we were out of town.  It gave the appearance that we were still at home.  This works if you have a garage, I suppose, but if you do not have a garage, then it is blaringly obvious that we were out of town.  It really depended on who was watching.  But anyhow, there was another church about a mile away from The Crematorium that had chains on the door.  I noticed the church looked filled on Sunday, but something appeared off.  I think the same thing happened at that church, but the light bill is still being paid.  I noticed that church because 4 fire trucks showed up yesterday to a house nearby.  It seemed quite serious, but the trucks vacated quickly.

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