Friday, July 17, 2009

Seceding Arizona from the United States of America

I had this idea yesterday that Arizona should secede from the US effective immediately. (This also works for all states, but AZ is well positioned.)

I realize this is a staggering idea to some, but please think for a moment.

Pros: every person would receive an instant 35-45% pay raise. (income taxes, social security/medicare including the employer paid portion).
Cons: we wouldn't receive highway funding

All that would be required is convincing 90 legislators to do a temporary seccession for 1 year. Within days, people would see the dramatic increase in their paychecks and the legislators would be lauded as heroes; guaranteeing their re-election.

Now, this does leave out the service industry and those who work for tips. Since business owners would be receiving at least that amount as a pay raise too (not paying income taxes, etc.), this would instantly free up capital to allow for generous pay raises for employees who rely on tips. I also recommend posting signs prominently saying something like, "We care about our employees and pay them well. Please do not tip." Signed, the managers name. Brings a whole new meaning to complimenting the employees and taking suggestions.


  1. For those concerned about social security/disability payments from the US Govt: remember we have a ton of military equipment on Arizona land that we can use as collateral to ensure the US Govt fulfills its obligations.

  2. Of course any state could do this and I'd move there in a heartbeat. My first choices: Hawaii, Texas, California, and Arizona (I'm in AZ right now).

  3. As distance increases, government corruption increases, so I think it's a good idea to have small states. One idea is California could split into North and South California. Very different cultures LA-SD/SF.

    Similarly, what if we split Texas into East and West Texas. We could draw the line right down through the Austin capital. Same capital, different representatives. Maybe Texas can try a new form of government there. Would report to the union as East/West Texas through the Austin hub.

    You could draw the line right through the house so everyone would know whose territory you were on. Voting with your feet.

  4. One thought today: if we seceded today, the IRS has collected quite a bit of tax money that we would no longer owe them on April 15, 2010. So I would suggest a class action lawsuit to sue the IRS for the money collected through today. I'd ask for only 10% of the attorney fee if we did that class action lawsuit.