Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Business & military security

Hidden Desktop would work as military encryption as well as secure communications between corporations. HD allows the creation of tiered security with full visibility into the back doors. For example, a boss might hold the keys to the employee's computer and data, but the boss could not access it without going through a formal and fully visible process. That process could be as elaborate as submarine nuclear launch instructions. This implicity communicates trust to the employee and transforms the boss/employee relationship. Imagine the change in management at corporations with the boss not being a policeman on their employees and rather looking at their work product. It also protects intellectual property of the employees and helps prevent others from taking credit for ideas that originated elsewhere. This could get into huge consulting gigs for MBAs. The technical difficulties with the above are trivial. A couple of good programmers and network people (I have some people in mind) and we would have a corporate transformative management system. Plus the military application of the above. I'd like to sell it to all governments and corporations (as well as individuals).
(I originated the idea, designed and developed the product, and am beginning to market it. I also want to put it on cameras and cell phones.)

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