Monday, July 27, 2009

Patenting one's life

I asked my patent lawyer about patenting my life. I wonder if that's possible. Isn't a patent granted to the first person who has an idea and registers it publicly? Isn't this blog a public place? So until we have a registration service for patentable ideas, can't this suffice?

We are a bit undecided about how to go about doing that (where, who, how, etc), so for now, I will unequivocally state that I own the patent on patenting one's life. Furthermore I patented my entire life and all ideas belong to me. So anyone wishing to build a perpetual energy machine based on my principles must ask me for permission. This applies to ALL my ideas like forming human relationships based on human dynamics (molecular biological principles), or the global monetary system, etc.

Keep in mind I'm one man with rather simple needs, so permission will likely be granted as long as you are using the idea in a beneficial way. That is not tacit approval, however. Formal permission is required.

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  1. ah... I'm only interested in how to patent my own. Got advice on that?