Saturday, July 11, 2009

Global solution for money

EDIT  11/4/2013:  The original formula was:

(Trust + Performance) * Communication = Accountability

That applied to monetary science.  At some point, Trust became an assumption that led to the following formula as a formula for human potential and behavior and "self-help".  Unfortunately, some like to test things to failure and tested the above formula.  IE.  broke trust, faked performance, and broke communication.  That led to horrifying results.  Satanic.  Some have said the above was used to prove that we live in an organism called God.

Communication * Performance
_______________________ = Trust

The above equation includes the idea of the individual and conscious choice as well as time's linearity. It describes the interaction of two or more individuals. In reference to money, the equation can be stated as: "Communication of performance over time is trust". Although trust is not the only solution to the equation. The success or recognition of the individual is defined by the communication of their performance over time.

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Edited 4/24/2010:
The original idea was hashed out on an external website, but the entire website was deleted. Here is a copy of the thread when I worked on the problem:
Ripple; decentralized credit Page 1
Ripple; decentralized credit Page 2

There were 5 pages, but the last 3 were deleted on the original site before I had a chance to back up the threads.

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