Saturday, September 27, 2014

Physical Torture Cubes (PTCs for short)

Physical Torture Cubes: see-through cube, public for all to see. No guard, no warden. Chair in the center. Tube down their throat for food, tubes for evacuation of urine and feces. Full conviction records outside. One cube, one convict. It is a permanent record and provides an example for others.

No permanent damage, so highly humane.

Some quick specs:
- convict is strapped in and cannot move
- tube down throat for healthy food
- tubes for evacuation of urine and feces (might be recycled)
- chair might rotate for healthy sleep and avoidance of bed sores
- electric-shocks for pain and to maintain muscle tone
- evacuation of air is possible so as to simulate asphyxiation
- perhaps a punching bag behind the convict's head to ensure proper waking and sleeping periods
- at least 1 monitor for viewing
- anal probe with heat (will not damage anal skin tissue)
- vaginal probe of similar
- genitalia devices to stimulate both orgasm and pain

Other options:
- roaches in the cube
- snakes in the cube
- deskinning (light epidermal removal that will likely induce bleeding, but will regrow)

No permanent damage to the convict. Only exception might be scarring on the mouth due to saliva from the tube down their throat.

Full conviction records are available outside of the PTC. Possible video re-enactments.

Depending on the sentencing, a key might be available to allow the convict escape (only after ALL conviction records have been reviewed).

Remote-controlled torture utensils on the cube itself. With smart-phone app for truly remote control (immediate victims and high-scorers likely to have precedence).

A "scream signature" to record the tone and volume, so as to allow future operators to hit the "high-score".

Volume control on the outside of the PTC is controllable. Can be entirely silent.

Automated torture without the need for direct manipulation. If the "scream signature" over a given time frame is not maintained, an alarm will notify proper authorities.

No guard. No warden.

Possible for alcohol to be served freely.

For escape "maintenance", some PTCs will be placed on pedestals. This will allow a few at a time, so as not to crowd the convict.

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