Wednesday, May 14, 2014

True Love Story is a True Life Story (tm)

"True Love Story" is a true story with an ending mixed of story and truth.

Demi, a beautiful reincarnated monk associated with the Vietnamese mafia, meets Andrew, a software executive in Houston. The two begin a long distance relationship with an occasional white collar crime to fund their activities in NYC, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Miami. Although introduced through her sister, a tempting love triangle is always underneath. The long distance takes a toll and Demi begins a relationship with her roommate who then both move to Houston. Despite her living with her sister, her boyfriend, her son, and her sister's husband and children, Andrew woos her back and they move in together. It turns out their house is haunted and the two unsuccessfully exorcise whatever spirits live in the house with the help of some ants. One day, Andrew comes home for lunch and the house is covered with thousands of print-outs from various websites he had visited; half the furniture and bank account are gone. Andrew and Demi nearly get back together, but the spirits are successful and Andrew moves to Colorado. The movie ends with a collage of photographs showing a happily-ever-after story followed by the reality.

True Life Stories (TM) is my business idea for a series of films.  The photographs are part of the reality collage.


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  3. I avoid romance like the plague that it is! But you'd probably make a fun drinking buddy.