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True Life Stories - The communications company between government and media.

True Life Stories ™

Executive Summary                             
True Life Stories ™ sells government secrets to Hollywood.  The company is a filtering partnership between Hollywood, armed forces, government, and intelligence agencies to make movies/films, books, TV shows with sensitivity to national security concerns.  It provides a retirement for some who are held to secrecy.

True Life Stories ™ is non-partisan and is not technically a movie studio.  It is the communications company between government and studios.

Two films are cleared for production (see addendum for descriptions):
1.       True Love Story
2.       True Horror Story

A three phase business development plan:
1.       An IPO to raise capital
2.       Hire production companies (will be cross-company)
3.       Form relationships with each relevant agency (NSA, CIA, State Dept, armed forces, etc.)

Short term:
  1. Raise initial capital to shop the IPO to investment banks and initiate marketing.  I am currently seeking at least $500,000 although a larger investment would be advantageous for marketing and hiring.
  2. Locate a management team.  First priority is a VP of Communications.  She should be female, perhaps a general’s daughter, a media daughter, or political daughter.  I am an army brat of a Colonel and dean of a medical school, if that is explanatory.
  3. Hire script writer to put the story into screenplay format.  True Love Story will be the first.
Long term:
  1. Build relationships with each branch of the armed forces and government.
  2. True Life Stories ™ will accept submissions from anyone.  To qualify as a True Life Story ™, at least half of the film, documentary, book, or TV program must be true.  Which part is true and which part is story will be clear by the end of the story.  I understand the reason lawyers have convinced all companies on earth to only accept solicited submissions, but their reasoning is faulty for reasons I cannot go into at this time.
True Love Story
In 1996 I was out of college for a few years and started work at a brand new mortgage wholesale company. I was the 5th employee. There was a young Vietnamese girl who was the 3rd employee. She was petite and sexy in her tight business skirt. Smart as could be and a little barracuda. She and I made instant best friends and although she was married we flirted and competed against each other. About 6 months later she introduced me to her older sister. Her name was Demi. Part Vietnamese, part Chinese, and part French. She lived in NYC (Brooklyn) and I later learned she was part of the Vietnamese mafia.

We met at a bar with a buddy of mine and her friend. We both sat in the middle of a large booth with her across from me and our respective friends on either side. China doll, but smart. We were both quiet and kind of shy, but we went out for food afterwards with her and her friend and me and my buddy. Drove an hour down south to the beach at 3am drinking the whole way. We made out under a blanket. A mosquito was buzzing around and I tried to kill it. She wouldn't let me and shooed him away. I fell in love instantly.
The next day she slept at my place. She returned from the shower. She was short.. only 5'2" and had pulled my towel that had been hanging on the door. She had to jump to get it back where I had left it. I was gone for her forever.

She went back to Brooklyn. On the fourth of July weekend, my buddy and I drove 22 hours from Houston. Straight through to meet her again. We arrived, went out to some small bars and listened to live music. I did most of the driving and loved driving in NYc. She woke me up in the middle of the night to quietly make love while her friend and my buddy slept on the floor nearby. We returned to Houston after only a day or two with her.

We took a number of trips together... Vegas.. New Orleans. I was one of the ushers at a friend's wedding. We missed the wedding.

She got me involved in a mafia scam once. We went to the mall to launder some money by purchasing a diamond ring. Faking that we were going to get married, we had a fight in the store. A funny anecdote here...
Finally she moved to Houston, with a live-in friend who was trying to be her boyfriend. For whatever reason, she would not allow herself to be with me. With her sister's support I visited, made dinner for her, went to movies, and occasionally she would want to get physical. We only did once or twice. She lived with her sister, her husband, their children, Demi's boyfriend and Demi's son. After some months I finally drove to her house, she packed her bag and left with me.

We bought a house together, rode mountain bikes with her son and me. She is the sexiest mountain biker who has ever ridden single-track in Houston, Texas. I have witnesses who will attest to that.
We fought once in a power struggle. We were in the bathroom and I put my hand on the wall over her head. This scared her physically and she scampered off. A few days later, although the bathroom was very clean, a colony of ants moved into some clean folded white towels right where we had had that fight. She hand carried every single one of those ants outside.

I had no desire or intention to ever cheat on her, but for some reason I started using the internet for online chatting. This went on for only a month or so, but of course Demi noticed. All this time I had been coming home for lunch every day. She and I were starting a mortgage business together so she worked from the home. Friendliest and most beautiful mortgage broker in Houston Texas in 1998 by far. No comparison. She was dingy and a little too organized sometimes, but I was good at follow through and setting her in the right direction. Anyway, I came home one day and half the house was empty. She had printed out every single website I had visited with transcripts of the chats, pictures, etc. The house was covered with thousands of printouts, taped to walls, underneath furniture, in drawers, every square of inch of the house was covered.
Now. We did get back together for a time and almost got married. For reasons outside both our control I moved away and we almost got married again. The only regret I have ever had in my life is not marrying her.
For Hollywood, this could and should be a happily ever after story.

One other anecdote: One day Demi came home as I was walking out to the front porch.  She stopped me and had two silver rings.  She put one on her ring finger and handed me the other one.  I thought for a moment and placed it on my ring finger.  She walked back to the home office to get our mortgage business together and I continued out to the front porch.

True Horror Story
The movie is half written.  It is a story from 2011-2012 about Andrew Bransford Brown and a girl living in Lakeland, Florida named Jessica (a Hooter's girl).  It is a timeless classic.  No matter how bad your year, it will be watched again and again.  Now.  The first half is absolutely true.  We will have to get a few witnesses from Lakeland to verify the dialogue, but my memory is pretty good.  The second half is not yet written, but is basically Jessie running around Lakeland and Tampa cutting up grandmas and infants and males in various locales.  Very busy as the bodies decompose and she needs to dispose of them without getting caught.  That is basically it, but I need to talk with Jessie for details. 

The movie is not like any psychological, Freddie Kruger thing you have ever conceived.  There will have to be a warning at the beginning, “Are you sure you want to watch this movie?  Your life will be changed.”

Sole proprietor - Andrew Bransford Brown

Mr. Brown is the ex-CEO of a software security company, VP of software development,  and management consultant at Morgan Stanley.  Mr. Brown holds a BA in accounting from UT Austin.

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