Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trans-structural time travel

In an infinite universe all possibilities exist.  Each possibility is a holographic structure representing every possible moment in time.  Most structures are devoid of life, except (at least) this one.  Consciousness/life is an interconnected plasma.  All life forms from algae and coral to plants and humans are interconnected.

By focusing the emotional energy of all life forms, it may be possible to transfer the life plasma of planet Earth to a different structure.  This might be a permanent change or could temporarily breath life into another structure, and bring back people or animals.  You might call this, "bringing back grandma physics".  To visit another structure, an emotional connection is required and each structure can only be visited once.

Under great heat and pressure, carbon turns to diamond.  This is the form of hell on earth. Heat and pressure is the fire and brimstone as the emotional soul (living in the pineal gland) is pushed out of existence in a superman-style prison.  Other crystals (with color) are souls paying penance as they hold onto souls in other structures (ghosts).

EDIT 11/2/2013:  The above is a description that I believe explains the nature of reality better than any theory.  It is an extension of what I termed "Plasma Theory" when I was about 10 or 12.  My description at that age was "It is not two plus two equals four, it is 2 + 2 AND 4.  All at the same time."

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