Thursday, January 28, 2010

Takka Tan Tan

Takka Tan Tan means "Dancing Mantis" in Thai.  That is my son Kohdee's nickname.  He is 4 years old and lives with his mother in Bangkok, Thailand.  He does a little modeling for some famous names like Elle, Petit Pomm, and some toys.  He was pretty good as the lead angel at Bangkok Airway's 40th anniversary show.  Apparently he had a big thing recently with the superstars.  Takka Tan Tan.  He is currently going to acting school.  FYI, his name is Kohdee.  Not Cody.


  1. in your lawsuit against all of the lawyers in New York you claim that you had never had sex with a woman. How do you reconcile that claim with the claim that you have a son?

    1. Just seeing this now... No. I claim that I never had a date or eye contact or conversation with an American female of marriage/girl-friend quality. While there are "technical" exceptions to that, a jury and public trial would rule in my favor that I have indeed received an unexplainable, yet deliberate "silent treatment" from the female population of the world. The exceptions would be stellar witnesses to prove my case.