Saturday, December 19, 2009

Reorganizing science

Theoretical Physics

---Molecular dynamics (magnets and molecules)

Life science
---Biology (cell growth and divisions)
---Behavioral science
------Economics (monetary science)
------Traumology (study and resolution of trauma)

A few basic principles:
1. light is a fluid
2. gravity is a vacuum (Eg. ferrous iron)
3. you can split apart molecules and remove electrons using electromagnetic waves
4. consciousness is a plasma
5. zero is not a number (mathematics is a symbolic representation of reality and not reality itself)
6. E=mc2 shows a valid relationship, but the equation is not correct. The speed of light is not constant and he forgot about time.

Molecular Dynamics is a science studying the interaction of fluids (moving particles) which replaces "nano-technology". Chaos theory is a silly way to model stuff in a computer. Represent light as a fluid and you'll get some more accurate weather prediction.

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  1. Note. This needs a little updating. I wrote it up off the top of my head, but it is a good starting point.